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The Riemann Hypothesis (RH) is a conjecture that (if proved) would order the chaos of prime numbers.
Many mathematicians consider it true, while others continue to be unbelieving.
This dilemma resists since a brilliant mathematician student of Gauss, Riemann, published its result in few pages (in the XIX century).
We are sure that who will prove the RH would receive eternal fame. In addition, he’ll receive a substantial cash prize (the RH was one of Hilbert problems for the twentieth century and now is one of the problems of the Clay Prize).
But the mathematicians less “scientific” have some hazardous theories on RH.

Jacques Hadamard and Charles de la Vallée Poussin gave an approach to solving this problem by showing the theorem of prime numbers and they were both rewarded with almost 100 years of life. Atle Selberg and Paul Erdos have improved the demonstration of Poussin and Hadamard and they lived for a lot of years too.

Proving the RH means to find the law governing the disposal of prime numbers, i.e. the atoms of arithmetic.

Putting together all these clues, someone convinced themselves that who will prove the RH would certainly receive the Eternal Life. Lately we decided to approach the matter by Algebraic Geometry and Quantum Mechanics through, but no result.
Some authoritative exponent of the scientific community has started to believe that the RH is false.

And so another theory: probably someone has already proved that the Riemann Hypothesis is false, but he suddenly died.



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