Italian’s Referendum

In Uncategorized on giugno 16, 2009 at 9:56 pm

On 21-22 June italians will go to the polls to cross three referendum tabs.
Let us ignore the content of the referendum concentrating on the thorny issue of the quorum.
We all know that a referendum is valid if and only if the 50 % +1 of voters goes to the polls. The referendum passes if the 50 % +1 of voters voted yes.
Suppose for convenience that 100 people have the right to vote in Italy. The minimum number of Yes to let the referendum being approved is (100 * 50 % 1) * 50 % = 27.

Italian’s referendum doesn’t reach the quorum since 1995.

In 1995, for example, passed a rule on the abrogation of the pre-trial residence for the mafia with 57,2 % of voters, in 63,7 % support. In our population of 100 then 36,4 people voted yes.

Only once after the ‘ 95 we was close to the quorum. It happens in 1999 when the 49.7 % of voters went to the polls to decide about electoral rules, and 97,5 % voted yes. The quorum was not reached and the referendum was rejected. In our little-little-italy 48.5 people voted yes, 12 more than 4 years before, when the referendum passed.

This shows that the referendum rules do not provide the monotony (ascending), which should be the basis of any democratic system.
The monotony, I will limit myself just at the logic definition, is a property for which extending ideas of a derivation (a statement showed real from the collection of the assumptions and the axioms) this one remains true.

As regards the referendum of the 1995 almost 5 of the little-little-italy (100 people) were not able to vote (It was the first time for the Italians abroad, but a lot of matters denied their right to vote…), so potentially yhat 48.5 could be a 53,5.

The majority does not always wins.

Good vote.



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