Strange Primes

In Matematica on giugno 17, 2009 at 10:02 am

Here some extraordinary numbers:

1888081808881: This is a prime number, palindromes, with a horizontal axis of symmetry and it would look the same at the mirror. Others prime numbers such as 188888881 and 111181111 have the same properties.

3911: 3911 is a prime number,and its mirror image is 1193. We say that 1193 and 3911 are mirror-primes. If we add a 3 until or behind the numbers we get 33911 and 11933 both primes, as well as 39113 and 31193. The same thing happens if we add a 9: 93911 and 11939 are both primes as well as 39119 and 31199.

12345678901234567891: this prime is not symmetrical or palindromes but ascending pandigital, i.e. it has in all the digits, in increasing order. Also 1234567891 and 1234567891234567891234567891 are ascending pandigital primes.

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