Erdos Scale-Free Network

In Uncategorized on giugno 28, 2009 at 11:51 am

A scale-free network is a connected graph (a network), whose number of links is originating by a starting node and subjects to a power law distribution.

Links between nodes has a particularity: the probability to have a new link in a node is proportional to the existing links. For example, a friends-graph (a connected graph showing the friendship in a group of people) is a SFN, in fact who has more friends has more probability to gain a new friend too.

The graph generated from Erdos Numbers is a Scale-Free Network. Lower EN you have, higher number of annual publication you have.

As far as friends-graph is concerned in 1976 Milgrad made an experiment showing that the distance between two random nodes (not linked each other) is around 6. In 2001 Duncan Watts, making a similar experiment using internet (so with a lot of statistics), confirmed the result.

So, reaching an EN is not too complicated… indeed you may already have one.

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